03 December 2010

Golosaria at Torino

Golosa. Yes, that is what I would say most of us attending the Golosaria in Torino this past Monday could be characterized as. What does goloso mean? It's a polite and quaint way of calling you greedy.
Golosaria is a gathering of tasty food and drink offered up for the sampling of the greedy. 
We did our part of coming along to sample what was on offer and enjoy it all being served up in Torino's ever so elegant Teatro Regio.  Each year there is a different venue keeping it always interesting to discover new places. Walking into the plush red lobby of the theater, definitely got me to thinking about how wonderful it would be to attend an opera there. This years season seems to be all Verdi all season. Not a bad choice in the lot. 
Ah yes, back to the sampling and schmoozing. 
There were a smaller gathering than usual this year and could be a sign of the economic times, but there was a good turn out of samplers and that hopefully was good for sales for the exhibitors.
The unmistakeable aroma of truffle greeted us and it didn't take long to follow the scent to this booth.
White truffle from Alba for your gastronomic pleasure, fresh to enjoy now, grated over risotto and whatever else strikes your fancy or truffle oil to drizzle later.
There were numerous offerings of wine, digestivi, chocolate, cookies, confiture and marmalades of every persuasion. Colorful potatoes from the mountains on the other side of our valley and Toma from Lanzo valley were particularly enticing.
Finishing off the day with a stroll back to the train station, the store windows beckon to continue on the culinary feast. Torino really is a feast for the senses, with its architecture and old world elegance. It takes its food and cafe culture very seriously, like most Italian cities, so there is no shortage of opportunity to indulge in a bit of low fat window shopping.

So until our next visit to the big city I hope you enjoy this peek into Torino. 


Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos of a great city. I can smell the truffles... and I definitely want some of those chocolate confecitons: yum!

Bella Baita View said...

Yes, thank you Farfalle 1, It is a great city. I can just imagine having one of the huge truffles to shave on top of absolutely everything in sight and then one of those chocolate pumpkins lounging on my sideboard to be nibble at chunk by chunk.

RSA Now said...

Oh my gosh yes TRUFFLES! I could spend so long at the Golosaria

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