16 September 2008

Festa, Festa, Everywhere a Festa

It's that time of the year when there are just so many darn festivals going on it's hard to get around to any of them let alone all of them. I have put together a little slide show from last weekend's Pinerolo Artiginato festival for you to get a feel for it. Last week when I was loving that hot weather that made me think that summer would never end, I was wondering around enjoying the last stand of summer.
Well, let me tell you , I got a rude wake up call that brought me to my senses. Fabrizio said it was just too warm for this time of the year and what do you know, on Friday we had the most amazing hail storm. It would have been more enjoyable if I didn't keep thinking about my poor geraniums that were in such glorious bloom. and the garden that was still in full production. Sigh. need I say more?
Well, I must say that now that the sunny weather has returned.
Even though I now am completely back into the reality that winter is just around the corner, I can go back to enjoying all the other festivals that are on this autumn. Pinerolo still has the "Maschera di Ferro" festival coming at the beginning of October. The link to the festival has some great photos, although the site is all in Italian. If you would like a bit more info on the Man in the Iron Mask festival and other Piemontese festivals in English, head over to Martha Bakerjian's " Go Italy" site on "Italy Travel", About.com. Her site has a wealth of information on Italy and Italian travel.
The "Slow Food Salon del Gusto" is a bit later on and there are quite a few other mushroom, polenta, chestnut, apple, truffle and on and on events, to try and get out to, but for now enjoy the photos of one last weekend in Pinerolo, that brought all kinds of artisans of art, crafts, foods and such and wander around, and take a peak. Artiginato del Pinerolese "32 rassegna"


Rowena said...

Grrrr...I had such an articulated comment all ready to go and then BLOGGER decided to have issues!

There are so many, many festas going on that it boggles the mind. We've been stuck with rainy weekends, wimps that we are!

James Higham said...

Also a time when the edge has gone off the heat.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Sunny here in the UK today (Friday) makes a change :-)

Festivals sound fun...enjoy if you go to any!!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Just looking out your window everyday would be a festival to me!!

Lori Lynn said...

The colors of your geraniums are so pretty Marla, I hope they are OK.

Bella Baita View said...

Rowena I can't imagine you missing a festival!
Yes, the heat indeed has gone out of here, more than I would have liked it too, sigh.

Thanks Anne. I heard that the UK hasn't had much sun this summer, so I'm sure you're enjoying that.

The view is definitely better than TV and yes with all the variations, it is a bit of a festival, Marie

Lori Lynn, I thought they were fine other than losing most of their flowers, but today they are starting to yellow and drop leaves, so I think they have taken a really beating. It may be off to
the winter storage sooner than anticipated. double sigh!

Tony said...

Great Post! and good pics. that slide show is really cool, i might start using that :) Hey i found a site you would like a lot, baraaza.com

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