02 April 2008

Torino Wine Salon

Yesterday was rather gray and not a very inspiring type of day. The good news is that we are getting some much needed moisture after much grayness and little moisture. Hope for spring flowers and mushrooms looms large. On a day like today I can only think that posting about the Torino Wine Salon could brighten my day, especially if I open something other than our very tasty yet very daily Barbera table wine, and go for a heartier find from the small selection of wine in the "cantina". I feel the day brightening up already in anticipation.
Torino Wine Salon is not as long established and as well known as many other Italian wine shows, but certainly worth the effort to sample your way around a few regions of Italy. VinItaly is coming next week in Verona and people will be flocking to it in the droves from all over the world to see how the latest vintages are faring and search for undiscovered unknown treasures. the first year we went, it was a huge event held in the Lingotto conference center. It was rather overwhelming to say the least. After a few years of infancy, the event seems to have found it's footing. Now it seems that the event is held on the alternate year of the Slow Food and right after the Bra Cheese Festival
It was a fascinating display of wines and all sorts of other oddities that seem to tag along for the ride. Like this woman rolling cigars. hand rolled cigars seem to follow the wine drinking crowd.
You could find chocolate, coffee
Dessert serenaded with jazz
Wine to try by the small and the large producers

and even the Women of Wine

Take it all in with a nice glass of wine or tw0 or three.
Wine expos are always fun.


rowena said...

We have yet to attend one of these types of events...you know we're game for it! This past Sunday the MotH and I attended the International Beer fair in Milan...not really my idea of the "drinking" crowd but it was fun to just hop on the train and pass the time with friends over all sorts of suds!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marla,
You are so right! Wine events are always a fun time. We have many here on the Shawangunk wine trail and I hate to miss them. I would get into a taste of that hand rolled cigar as well ;)

Ann said...

Wine events are wonderful. Nice write-up!

Bella Baita View said...

Rowena, I think you'd find them interesting, but you definitley need to be in the right mood. Although a bottle for the ride home on the train could be fun.
Maryann, love to hear more about the Shawangunk wine trail sometime. that sounds very intriguing.
Thanks Ann!

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