14 February 2007

The Olympics One Year Later

It's hard to believe another year has past and we are thinking about the great times that we had last year during the 2006 Winter Olympics. We met loads of people and had a lot of laughs. We're still telling stories about all the people we had staying with us and around the valley and our nightly catch up briefings back at Bella Baita from the guests filtering back at all hours of the night and morning. Everyone would stop in for a bit of debriefing and a round or two of locally made beer, genepy or some such interesting nightcap. Now we're in Colorado and have had the privilege to meet back up with some of our former Olympics guests for dinner and hearing retelling of stories and new or perhaps unedited versions of some of the goings on of that time. Wow, what a truly memorable time we had. It was truly a once in a lifetime memory for us and our valley. The photo of the autographed flag below is, as one of our summer guests put it, "Fabrizio's treasure". It's adorning one of our rooms walls for now, but we are working toward a major transformation of our "disco" room into the "Olympia" room where we will be able to bring our cooking class to another level and have larger classes and a general all round room for groups and all sorts of activities. So while we are here in Colorado we are doing lots of promotion and have already done a couple of dinner demonstrations with a few more lined up. We're going to put Val Chisone on the map yet, and pick up where the Olympics left off. Torino had a one year after ceremony last saturday and although we missed it, we have been thinking about those days and nights, celebrating again with some of the friends we made during that time.
Here's to making more memories!


TorAa said...

Understand you very well when you looking back on great Olympic days. Here in Norway, people still talk about Lillehammer '94. And even Oslo '52.

Glad you have success with your promotion project (P. We have several Norwegian chefs who hav won Bocuse d'Or - if you need help, I mean).

Thanks for being updated.


RennyBA said...
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RennyBA said...

Winter Olympics always brings good vibrations and memories to Norwegian you know and you where hosting a great one!
You might like to read about my visit to Lillehammer recently:
Winter Olympics in Norway

Expat Traveler said...

yes time does fly quickly. Our city will be the stop in 2010.

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