05 February 2007

Bella Baita Road Show

Well, here we are again after a bit of a hiatus. A much longer hiatus than anticipated as we left Bella Baita for a trip across the big pond to the USA to mix a bit of business with family. The fires have been quenched in Val Chisone when we left with a bit of snow but not enough to make us hope for more moisture. We landed in Chicago, the windy city living up to it's name indeed and all thoughts of strange warm winters have become a distant memory. We visited with my brother and family enjoying the charms of this big city, seeing the sights as this is only Fabrizio's second visit to the states. We have been enjoying all sorts of interesting people and places. We have been keeping ourselves in culinary shape by doing a bit of cooking along the way starting one evening off with a bit of brushetta.
We hope to do a few cooking classes to promote our classes back home for this next season. It also keeps us enjoying great food and wine with others and as always, talking about our area and what it has to offer as well. I hope to bring you our road show for your enjoyment as we feature some of our classes and menus. Unfortunately, we have had a bit of technology melt down with my computer so progress is slow.
Stay tuned as we travel to Colorado and my old stomping ground for a bit of fun as we bring our Bella Baita road show to altitude.


TorAa said...

Thanks for the report, from a frozen windy city. You did vist the Millenium Park. I gueas there were no water in the watertowers.LoL.

It's nice to hear you have a great time with family and friends and hope your road show will end up with many new cooking students in wonderful surroundings in North West Italy this upcoming season.

have a nice trip to Colorado.


Josh P.G. Lane said...

I'm glad to hear you and Fabrizio are enjoying your trip. Have a great time in Colorado!!

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