29 December 2006

Fun In the Alps

"Peaceful Pragelato" Mecca for Nordic skiers
Our guests have come and gone and now we await our guests for Capo D'Anno(that's new years to you). We had a great Christmas at Bella Baita, with new friends. There was lots of eating and drinking with story telling too. Hot spiced wine, many Christmas cookies, Italian goodies and a foray up the upper valley for a bit of skiing atmosphere, made for more than a few memorable moments. Not all of our guests were skiers, but everyone enjoyed the atmosphere and snow. It was a great day out and a good time was had by all. It's a pretty mild winter for us and the snow that we did have around the house has crept away. Winter is the quiet time of the year for us at Bella Baita, except for the Christmas /New Years holidays and last year's Winter Olympics, of course. 19 days until this years Universiade. We're not far from several ski areas, so we like to get a bit of skiing in ourselves, while we regroup for the coming spring, summer and autumn seasons. We have a few ideas for next winter to keep us busy and off the slopes more than we would like, but we'll just keep that under wraps for now.
Winter or summer Val Chisone offers something for everyone all year round.

"Sestriere" of World Cup and Olympic Downhill fame


Lora_3 said...

I'm not much for cheese cake but I love cookies. So what kind did you have?

When I think of Italy I don't think of snow. So through your pictures I'm learning something. What a beautiful place. Do you get many American guest?

Be safe...

rowena said...

Hauoli Makahiki Hou to you too!! I'm just anxious for it to be all over so that I can go home and get my dog. I'm just missing her so much right now.

Joshua P.G. Lane said...

How beautiful?!!!

I hope your year is filled with wonderful surprises, unbridled happiness and good health.

Happy New Year!

Pasticciera said...

Grazie Grazie grazie!

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