07 October 2006

Porcini Pin up of the Day

And the hunt continues! The steady stream of cars continue to whizz past Bella Baita before dawn and everywhere you go the local osterias are selling "Nostrani Funghi "
(our local mushrooms, assumed Porcini as none other get to be called funghi in local legend)Ok so now hopefully I have set the record straight by replacing the capre photo with a proper procini photo. Mea culpa!


Anonymous said...

looks like Leccinum versipelle (orange birch boletus) to me!

Pasticcera said...

You're correct. I knew someone would give me the correct name, here it's common name capre. So it's actually boletus pin up of the day!

rowena said...

News to me! I admire those who really know their stuff when it comes to forest mushrooms. A friend of mine once told me that to earn some money, he and his friends went to harvest fresh morels. I don't remember the details but the one thing that stuck in my head is that he said something about going to an area where there was a recent fire. I suppose one can safely assume that morels grow on ground only after a fire?

Ooops...sorry for going off-topic. I love those funghi/porcini/orange birch pics!

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