04 October 2006

The Hills Are Alive with the Sound Of Mushroom Hunters!

Tis the season for the passion of Porcinis to overtake Italians and send them running to the hills at the crack of dawn in search of the King Boletus Edulis and any other mushroom they can get their hands on and a few they shouldn't. It's the power of the Porcini. The hills are swarmed with funghi hunters swarming like bees looking for a new hive! Last year after a 2 year drought I was awakend one Sunday morning befire it was light and before 6 am by the sound of vehicle after vehicle racing up the hill in the fog to stalk the wild porcini. I fell back to sleep after 37 cars in less than an hour.

This year it's a bit calmer, but only just. Our neighbor counted 100 cars on the road the other morning before lunch and every one disperses for a bit of food and drink, leaving only the most determined alone to carry on the hunt.
But Honestly you're not really considered a seasoned(or respected) hunter unless you get the white and black Porcini. All others finds pale in bragging rights!

The fine examples above were found yesterday by Fabrizio's mother Egle, who has the "eagle"(Egle) eye for finding mushrooms when others have given up. Well I must be off to cook up some mushrooms for later use. Let's see shall it be breaded fried steaks, risotto, or big fat egg noodles with thick slices of porcini?.........humm.....

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Ivonne said...

How I'd love to take part in the porcini hunt!

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