16 October 2006

Everyday is (World) Bread Day at our house

What can I say, but sometimes I think Fabrizio loves me for my bread baking ability if nothing else, so great is his passion for bread. I love making bread, always have, but I became an infrequent baker of bread when my life took a change and I found myself living abroad and without easy access to cooking facilities for a while. So when I met Fabrizio I was taken aback by how much bread this man could eat! It didn't take me long to rise to the challenge and so I now find myself baking loaves, rolls and focaccia frequently to keep up with the needs of not only our small B&B but the larger demand of my slight Italian man. He's so appreciative too. Rather nice to have such a greedy eater.
Warms my soul.
Anyway, Ted and Marie from Florida were back with us last night for dinner and Marie kindly took some pictures of our dinner. I thought they would be nice as an accompaniment for World Bread Day.

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Ivonne said...

Your bread is incredible! I hope to taste it one day!!!

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