04 September 2006

1st Edition Serre Marchetto Mt Bike Baby

The first edition of our neighborhood childrens mountain bike race took place yesterday in our little borgata of Serre Marchetto. It was blue skies, warm weather and plenty of family and neighbors to cheer everybody on. There were about 50 participants in the races that was put on for the 7-12 crowd. They used a section of our backyard x country course for the circuit with the youngest doing one lap and increasing the laps for the older racers.
It was fun to see everyone enjoying the woods and encouringing young people to get out and have a go with their bikes in the woods for a little friendly competition. There were a few tears and a spill or two, but no injuries and in the end everone was a winner getting a goodie bag with lots of loot. The local were merchants were generous as most Italians have a very soft spot when it comes to bambini! There were smiles all round when it came time for trophies and prizes. Our English friend, George won a trophy for being an international competitor, although we did explain that he is now a resident sinc he and his family "got a new life" here in Val Chisone 3 years ago. The organizers were excited anyway and Geroge was happy to get a trophy as well.
Fun for everyone.

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Ivonne said...

This is just adorable! Great blog!

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