27 August 2006

Baita with a Bella View

In my attempt to find my way around the net and learn about what blogging is (sometimes I think it means flogging a subject)and how to make our web and our area found by people that I think would like to find us if they only could find us. In this quest I have found an amazing group of food bloggers. Fantastic food photos, recipes, ideas and friendly interesting chat. A thoroughly fasinating and inspiring circle of serious foodies. I have been avoiding commenting or making any contact on their sites(but I will)as I already have enough distractions from me getting the things I need to get done at the moment, as opposed to checking out the things that I find interesting and fun on the web in my journey to discovery. They seem to be a wealth of information not only on food, but photography, blog syndication and subscription and all the things I need to know but still have to learn. The web is an easy distraction, so many interesting avenues so little time.
Anyway, on one of their blogs the author is celebrating the month of August with a cookbook by Valentina Harris, "Recipes from an Italian Terrace". And somewhere in her blog she states(Cream Puffs In Venice)
"Wanted: A large Italian terrace graced with copious amounts of flowers and a breathtaking view. The terrace should feature an enormous table with seating for all my blogger friends. An open bar stocked with chilled Prosecco and San Pellegrino is a must. Please contact Cream Puff if you are in possession of such a terrace and are willing to sell. Cream Puff will pay any price!"

WEll, we're not in Tuscany and I don't have a picture of our enourmous table with a view, but I do have a picture of our mountain view here in the Olympic Italian Alps and our place with a patio that might fit some of your friends, the rest need to go up to the bar-b-que area where everyone will fit in. We do have copious amounts of flowers, and the bar can easily be arranged and we'd love to sell you on a visit with all of your friends. You don't have to spend your life savings to visit with us. We hope to have our demonstration kitchen done next summer, so there would be room for all to cook up some fabulous creations. Right now, we specialize in small groups 6-8 and customize cooking seminars for the group, some with market trips or local wine pairings. I can guarantee that our prices are a bit more affordable than Villa Valentina, but we're a different place, people and style. I would also say that Valentina Harris is a very dynamic personalilty and former BBC chef and author of over 30 cookbooks, that you will enjoy very much if you do take one of her courses. I met her at one of her previous locations thru a mutual friend that worked with her and that friend had been instrumental in my working as a cook for an Englsih art school in Tuscany. (Centro d'Arte Verrocchio)(They are usually looking for a cook every summer for 5 months if you have a desire to cook in Italy)

Give it a think and give us a shout. Better yet, make a reservation, we'd love to customize something for you and share an northern Italian Alps cooking experience with you!


Anonymous said...

Hey was just rolling thru wanted to let ya know ya got a cool blog here Nice Job.

Ivonne said...

Yes ... I think that's exactly the kind of terrace I'm looking for!

Wow ... I'm so glad that you found me and that I found you. Rest assured that if I'm every in your neck of the woods when visiting Italy, I will have to stop by!

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