15 August 2006


Ferragosto is the 15th August or Assumption Day,(the day the Virgin Mary was assumed into Heaven), and is the most important summer holiday in Italy. It is a time that all Italians who can, will get out of the cities and head for either the coast or the hills and it marks the height of the summer holiday season in Italy.
But not always.
The first 'feriae Augusti' originated in 18BC when the Emperor of the same name instituted a public holiday for what is now the start of the month of August. 10 years later the period was renamed Augustus in his honor and became the 8th month of the calendar.
These days it's also an occasion for a festive meal, and for many it is an occasion to get together with friends and enjoy a fine meal. We went for a hike up the mountain with old and new friends for a picnic. It was a bit overcast and cooler than usual, but the weather at least held for the picnic. Then later on we celebrated the occasion with a bit of afternoon coffee, tea and sweets. La Dolce Vita! It doesn't have to be a holiday or an occasion to enjoy an afternoon respite here at Bella Baita. Now I need to get out and pick some blackberries as they are coming on strong now. I look forward to a blackberry tart, cobbler or brioche. Hmmmmm.....

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