18 August 2006

August Festivities

August is a fun filled time here in the Chisone valley. Since many of the neighboring countries are all on holiday as well around the 15th of August, you find a variety of celebrations and recreations put on in most mountain villages. The fortress of Fenestrelle is a symbol of the province of Torino and our valley's main historical attraction. With it's nearly 4,000 stairs snaking up the mountain side, it's an impressive sight. It took over 125 years to build and never really was used for the main purpose it was originally meant for, protection, althought is was used as a prison for a number of years. Now it is quite a source of interest and during the month of August many activities are planned around the fort, concerts and recreations of the historical battles and what daily life was like in those days. It's a worthwhile time to visit the fort. There is a military uiform in the bottom of the fort that is open year round and in nearby Pragelato up the road they also have a costume museum of customary local dress. Well worth a visit as well. It sits at the base of the 2006 Olympic ski jump that made you hold your breath to see the jumpers take to flight. Now they are able to jump in the summer on the man made surface. Amazing.

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