04 March 2006

Olympics are over and the spirit lives on March 04, 2006

We have recovered from lack of sleep and many exciting chaining up and getting up our hill experiences, but we haven't recovered from the warm glow of friendships forged over cappuccinos and pastries. What a wonderful time the Torino 2006 winter were. What a great variety of people we met, renewed old friendships and enjoyed watching a bit of Olympic competition live and in the Olympia meeting room on the semi big screen.We were always having a daily update from the steady stream of people in the morning over breakfast, thru out the day, and into the night about the latest challenge. Sometimes, it was the actual Olympic Games we were catching up on, and often it was the getting there and back and the final trek up the hill on foot, by taxi or chain’em up and get’em up adventures. We met so many competitors families, who had worked so hard to get their loved one here and to not only see them compete, but enjoy a bit of local scenery, cuisine and camaraderie. Someone said it was the eating Olympics as well.

Ah, the flavors of Italy still here to be discovered or resampled at a later date.

Vi aspettiamo.
(We're waiting for you

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