28 February 2006

Ciao Raggazzi

Greetings Torino Olympians! 27 February 2006

You found and made it to your accommodations, you conquered the transportation in spite of the glitches, you had amazing experiences in addition to the games and their drama and most of all I think you made a lot of new Olympic friends.

You all get the gold!!!!!

We enjoyed an exhilarating last day and evening in Torino
, had our last guests leave this morning, our last Olympic transportation challenge and now all that's left is the mile high pile of laundry, sifting thru the stuff and carting it back to our place. We're reliving the most
memorable 2 weeks that I've experienced, and starting to sample some of the things brought along to share with us.
What can we say other than Thank You!
It was an unforgettable experience meeting all of you (almost) and spending some quality time.

It's not the same without being in the Olympic/disco room.

We're missing all of you already and wish the party could have continued on.

Marla & Fabrizio Egle& Dante


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