17 February 2014

February 17th Again

Put on your Sunday best traditional Valdesian outfit. 
(Also known as Waldensen)

Strike up the band

Fly your colors and flags

Walk with your friends and neighbors to the next village

And worship together in celebration of your liberation 
February 17, 1848

Free to worship as you see fit and free to vote and become a full citizen denied for way too many years.
Our valley has a long history of persecution for it inhabitants that sought to escape and live their lives in peace. That goal finally became a reality with the unification if Italy and the process of healing as Catholics and Protestants found their way to continue to live and work side by side with each other. 
It''s a fascinating history and I have written about it a few times and have links to other sites with various information. So if you are interested I ail post a few links below to previous posts. 


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

All looks great fun!

Marla Gulley said...

It is LW. Thanks for stopping by. How are things down in the toe of Italy?

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