27 October 2013

My Wonderful Italian Adventure, a Guest Post

All aboard, let's go!
I recently was contacted by a fellow  blogger Bob from http://travelingtripster.com about exchanging posts on Italian travel.  Bob's site is full of stories about travel around the world as well as a few travel tips to help you get out on the road. His site is worth having a nosy around. I am still polishing my piece for him, but it's not too far off from done. In the meantime, please welcome today's guest blogger Bob, from Traveling Tripster

My Wonderful Italian Adventure
Italy was one of the most amazing places I visited in my travels. As a history enthusiast Italy was of great interest to me because of the way world history was taught. I learned about the Roman empire but I never understood how Italy fit in with their grand legacy. Unlike most people, rather than do research on the internet, I like to experience a place first hand. You can't truly learn about a place or people without being in the physical location. So I did what I usually do... I did a little research and planning, I purchased my ticket (http://www.cheaptravelhunter.com), I packed my things, and I was on my way. For me planning is sometimes as fun as the trip itself. I visited a bookstore and picked up a few history and travel books. I always prepare myself for a trip with information so I'm ready for any potential problem.

My first stop was to the Ferrara where I spent some time paying my respects to the director Michelangelo Antonioni who's films were an obsession of one of my college professors. I remember watching "Identification of a Woman" and "Blowup". Both of these films were incredible so when I learned I was going to be near his burial space, I had to visit. While in Ferrara I decided to visit a local jazz club. I have never actually listened to jazz before but I went for the experience. I admit most music goes over my head, but the atmosphere was very exciting.
Next I visited Ravenna where my first stop happened to be another tomb. Dante, the author of the Divine Comedy was a figure I had admired for a long time. I had read his work when I was in high school and it left a permanent impression on me.  Most people who visited along with me were disappointed that there was nothing to see, but it was the atmosphere and history that intrigued me. Because I was so interested in his book, I felt like I had accomplished something great just being there.
Not the Dolomites, but the  Italian Cottian Alps, worth hiking as well
Anyone who is familiar with my personality knows that I love to do anything outdoors. Naturally this lead me to the hike of my life across the dolomite mountain range. The stunning scenery, delicious food, friendly people, and an extensive trail and mountain hut system made this a terrific destination for hiking. I stayed in Arabba where guides were available to help me learn my way around the area. They were incredibly helpful and taught me everything I needed to know about the area.
This is only a small fraction of my experience in Italy, but I hope this is enough to explain why I love it so much. If I decide to go back to Europe, Italy will be on the top of my list. It is a wonderful place with incredible diversity and history.

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