23 November 2011

To Frankfurt, Germany and Back

The view from the pedestrian bridge, Eiserner Steg.
There are times our work takes us abroad and for a few days last week we were in Frankfurt, Germany to present our friend Enrico Bernards's digestivi to local Germans merchants interested in discovering some new Piemontese specialties as possible additions to their enterprises.
Fabrizio and Enrico ready to taste away
It was another interesting experience in a lovely setting, meeting a variety of interesting people. As it was a small intimate affair I didn't snap many photos of the meeting, but found myself snapping away as we made our way around town. I thought I would share some of the photos of our time in the city instead.
I'm sure you won't mind.
Emma Metzler House where we showed our wares
Old town Frankfurt and the Eiserner Steg foot bridge 
We had lovely autumn weather to stroll about town and take in a bit of the flavor of Frankfurt. 
Fabrizio and Marla

The lovers locks on the Eiserner Steg 
If you are not familiar with this tradition, as I wasn't either until recently, it is quite popular throughout Europe these days. Lovers put their names and special date on te padlock and attached to a special bridge to symbolize their enduring love.  You can read more about Love Padlocks here.
Romerberg Square, Old Franfurt town center
Getting ready for the Christmas market
German meat selection
What's Germany without a sausage stand? or many
European Central Bank, museum  and Occupy Frankfurt
 Frankfurt downtown has many high rise buildings blended in with the old historical center and is known for being Germany's financial district and a main part of the hub of European banking. there was a small encampment of protestors that didn't seem to be making too much of a loud fuss, more of a constant reminder, that all is not well for everyone these days, in the current gloomy economic climate.  

Extraordinary modern architecture (Italian)
The skyline at night is special. We enjoyed it from a look out point atop another shopping mall just a few doors down from this ultra flashy one.  
Frankfurt skyline by night
We stayed in a friendly modest hotel a few blocks from the downtown and just across from the main train station.  It was quite convenient.  I found Frankfurt to feel friendly and safe.  
Opera House
Multi colored red light district

Even this area was quite low key.
Lunch at Vinesso

We had lunch at a charming neighborhood bar and restaurant, on the other side of downtown, Vinesso. We had met the owner the previous night and had time to stop in for a quick visit.  They are carrying some of our local digestivi, Genepy and Serpoul, to name a couple, to serve as a tasty finish to an authentic Italian meal in the heart of Frankfurt. The cozy restaurant filled up with hungry patrons while we were there and seemed to be a favorite where many people knew each other or stopped by to introduce themselves and say hello, as was the case for us. We always meet interesting people when we travel.
Wine from home here in Piedmont
Home again, home again, jiggety jig.....

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