02 November 2011

No rest for the....


A woman's work is never done. A stitch in time saves nine. A penny saved is a penny earned. Ok, ok, what is the point I am trying to make?
When you own your own home, business or both, ones work is never done. I am sure many of you out there are all too familiar with that fact of life. If you are renovating an old building, then your job will always be open ended, of that,  I am sure. Here at Bella Baita, my hard working Piemontese man cannot seem to ever find an end point to his labors, nor can his father or mother. These are hard working people that don't really seem to enjoy the idle life. I say it keeps them going and it also makes it difficult to get away to enjoy other parts of life, but the fruits of their labor makes for nice improvements and finished dangling projects recede to the background.
New patio in the making from Grandfathers'  house roof tiles
After many years of sitting empty and  somewhat forgotten, my in laws have taken on  the renovation of Fabrizio's mother's childhood home and her father's and grandfathers nearby childhood home. Fabrizio has then, in turn, taken  some of the stones and beams from the old roofs and building and given them a new life in a new garden patio and various other "do it yourself", "fixer upper" projects, around our place.
Aside from the hard work, when all is said and done, Fabrizio actually thrives on working non stop, about which I was warned about from a fellow Piemontese friend. It is a wonderful feeling of salvaging materials that have survived scores of years and repurpose them to a new life.

Nonno Guistetto's  childhood home

It is a part of our view point of using what you have to make ones resources be less wasteful in our very disposable world. We try to live and promote an ecological and sustainable lifestyle that spills over into a travel ethos as well. It's just who we are, probably largely formed by parents who were the thriftiest of people from sheer need. It seems that lifestyle is coming back into fashion.  Anyway, I am sharing a few of our projects that are going on in our family at the moment keeping us busy and racing against the winter or rainy season lurking around the corner.
Fabrizio's mother's childhood home
What kind of projects do you have going on in your life?
Our renewable heat supply
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