05 May 2010

Spring gets seriously underway, finally

Spring seemed to hold it's breath for awhile as it's been cool and slow coming, until it seemed to not be able to contain itself anymore and has gone into fast forward. These are our wild cherry trees out front of our house. Lovely aren't they?
I'm still working hard to revamp our web site so have been absent from consistent blogging lately.  I thought I would share a few spring images from the neighborhood to celebrate this verdant time of the year.

Anyone know what these are specifically? I always call them spring orchids, due to the leaves which are like the more recognizable orchids that will be coming along shortly, like these below.

Little wild orchids are just so exciting to me and I love their appearance every year. We have quite a few in the neighborhood. I will be looking forward to the progression of the spring wildflowers.  What are some of the harbingers of spring for you in your part of the world?


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Spring is definitely a time to celebrate!!!!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Spring never lasts long enough for me. We're going to hit 90 ... again today.
Love the glorious flowers you show. Do you really need a name when you're that beautiful? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I read the title of this post as Spring Gets Seriously Under Water... which is appropriate for Liguria right now, sadly. Your flower photos are lovely - haven't a clue what they are, but want them!

AmyEmilia said...

I believe the orchid could be the Common Spotted Orchid. Here is the Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_spotted_orchid

Interestingly this same orchid was just featured in another (Italian) blog that I follow, http://castelpoggio.typepad.com/il_mio_weblog/2010/06/orchidea-salvatica.html

I've read with interest about your B&B and hope that sometime we could come stay with you. My husband is Italian and his sisters live in Alessandria, so when we visit I think we are pretty near to you.

Bella Baita Marla said...

Amy, how nice to meet you. Yes Asti is close to us and we would love for you to come and visit. I had a little nosy around your blog and look forward to have a closer look. Am during the busy season, so not a lot of time to read at leisure.
As far as the spotted orchid that you gave me the link to. it is a different one from this one. It is just now coming into full swing up here. The one I have pictured here is one of the very first flowers of the season after the snow and is quite different from the common spotted one. I love the orchids. We have a few varieties. I'll have to post a few more photos soon.

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