24 December 2009

Last minute chance to pick up what's hot and cold on Menu for Hope 6

There's still time to peruse the Menu for Hope 6 offerings and maybe pick up some great treats. Chez Pim has taken the compiled list of Foodie related  bid items and the current standings of the bids to give you an idea of where the bidding is headed. so the items that aren't so hotly persued might be just the thing you didn't think you had a chance for, but now you know that your  odds are higher. So don't delay and Donate to win some of the fabulous treasures offered up to support the UN Food Programme and the Purchase for Purpose Project that supports local low income growers provide the needed food for the UN Food Programme.

This is our view from  our balcony currently and part of your experience if you win our
Some other random offerings
That barely scratches the surface, so have a look and make a donation and a few bids.

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