22 March 2009

Fresh Artichoke Lasagne Recipe for BloggerAid

As I count off the days till the end of the month and before I head over to London, I would like to make sure to mention the wonderful effort of some very dedicated bloggers, Ivy, of Kopiaste ,Val of More Than Burnt Toast and Giz of Equal Opportunity Kitchen and BloggerAid who have organized a social network called BloggerAid, and are publishing a cookbook !!! The purpose of BloggerAid is to bring bloggers together to help alleviate world hunger, one event at a time. If you haven't already discovered them and joined there is no time like the present. There also is a link to the site where you can find out all about the site in my side bar. It's free and there's no obligation, just a great opportunity to discover new blogs and friends.
The proceeds from the cookbook will be directed to the School Meals program, one of the largest of the World Food Program's efforts. I remember how much I looked forward to lunch every day at school. Imagine if it was the only secure meal that you had to look forward to for the day. What a worthy investment in the future.

So that brings me to the title of this blog, Fresh Artichoke Lasagne. You thought I'd never get there didn't you. Well, I'm just going to leave you a little appetizer of a photo, because I'm submitting the recipe to be published in the cookbook. So if you want this recipe along with a few tips, tricks and twists on this fresh home made layered pasta, then you'll need to buy the cook book. Naturally we'll let you know when and where that will be. In the mean time enjoy the photo and submit a recipe for yourself. You don't have to be a member or blogger to submit a recipe.

Find out how to submit a recipe here for the BloogerAid cookbook. You still have time. The deadline is 31 March. Join a growing group of bloggers and don't miss out on the opportunity to help make a difference in someones life.

Carciofi Lasagne


Ivy said...

Marla can't wait to get my hands on that cookbook. I am dieing to see all these delicious recipes and lasagna with artichokes sounds delicious.

Ivy said...

Thank you Marla for this delicious contribution to the BloggerAid cookbook. We are so happy with the caliber of quality recipes and photos. Great addition!!

Bella Baita View said...

I agree. I think it will be a fab collection of recipes from around the world. Thanks for going to all the effort Ivy!

giz said...

A wonderful post and a totally fabulous recipe. I'm with Ivy - I really want that recipe now but will have to wait until November or December when it's published by Amazon.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

That looks great. I will buy the book!

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