07 January 2009

"BookMe.com" an easy way to get outta town...

Bella Baita View full winter mode
I've been slow on the up take these days as I ease in to 2009. I have a few recipes and a great story about our holiday guests here at Bella Baita, but just haven't gotten them all pulled together just yet, but they are in the pipeline. As they like to say here, "piano, piano", or all in good time.
The big news has been the non stop snow and digging out yet again (see photos at the bottom). I know some of you out there are starting to think about where and what you might be doing for a holiday break this year and starting to look around, all this talk of snow has fueled the desire to do something about it. Shovel, you say? Heavens no! Get away somewhere, probably.
I know it was just Christmas but that winter time cabin fever starts to sink in as soon as the yuletide fades away. For some it's to ski in some of that fluffy white stuff and for others it's to get as far away from it as possible. Me, I like both. So where to find the best deal and get outta town you may be asking yourself?
http://www.ticketnews.com/files/bookme77x77.jpgA great place to make your way to as fast as you can is quite simply and aptly named "Bookme.com". I recently received a chatty email from a friendly, ambitious entrepreneur touting their website, that helps you easily find the best deals on travel options as well as tickets for concerts, shows and sporting events, so I figured it was a place to share with others bent on making some plans. That would be you.
The founders of "Book Me" were frustrated with trying to book tickets on line and having to "run" all over the Internet to find them. From their frustration this site was born, placing many sites together to give you the convenience and best choice of prices all in one stop shopping. Plus you are also helping them realize their dream to donate a portion of their profits to rescuing pets around the world.
It's incredibly simple to use and it has several options all in one spot to compare and make sure you are getting the best deal around. I gave it a little spin around the block looking for some flights and found several sites that I didn't think would come up on their site as they are European based, but they did, convincing me what a great site this is.
Have a look at their site and I think you will find it is an extremely useful and easy to use site that gives you great results, ie, great prices. My only word of the down side to it is, that if you are looking for off the beaten path and smaller operations like ourselves, then this is not going to direct you to us, but it will give you the best flights and car deals to make your way to get off the beaten path. So give them a spin and make some plans and maybe make your way here while you're at it to the Italian alps and Bella Baita Mountain Retreat while you're at it.

Enjoy some winter shots from here in the Italian alps of Val Chisone.

Bella Baita in full winter snow
Our entrance to Bella Baita from the street
Entrance to our flat
Entrance to the chicken coop

Ciao for now!


James Higham said...

Fabulous snow - you'd hardly wish to leave that.

Proud Italian Cook said...

Wow!, Book me right at Bella Baita, please!!

Rowena said...

Piano, piano...I hear you on that one. I'm behind on posting about xmas in Sudtirol because all I wish I could do is play in the snow each and every day! Housework (check), read some emails (still gotta reply to you - check), and making sure the freezer is stocked with homemade pasta (check).

If I lived next to you there would be snow people all over the property.

Bella Baita View said...

You're right James. I actually am loving it, but I do love a little journey or two now and then..
Got you booked Marie
Snow people all around our place, Rowena sounds like a nice touch if you don't sink in over your ears!

Lori Lynn said...

Oh gosh Marla, what awesome photos. I miss snow (somewhat) here in SoCal. I definitely would enjoy time there. Wishing you a successful new year.

Ivy said...

Maybe you can organize something for bloggers to meet at Bella Baita. That would be awesome. Lovely pictures.

Bella Baita View said...

Lori Lynn thanks, your somewhat comment made me smile.
Ivy, that is an an idea I have kicked around for awhile, but not really sure in what way to pursue it as people ave such far flung lives. but perhaps the idea will germinate a bit more with saying it out loud.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of snow, Marla! It looks like upstate New York! I wish I could just blink and be there with you though :)

googler said...
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