27 November 2008


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Bellini Valli said...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Marla:D

Ivy said...

Belated Thanksgiving wishes to you and your husband. Unfortunately that pie goes to the thighs.

Bella Baita View said...

Thanks Val and Ivy. I did have an unusual Thanksgiving day, but that is grist for another blog post. I look forward to seeing your efforts for blogger aid take off and will a hapy participant!

Rowena said...

Ha! Cute greeting Marla (even if I would have loved it if Russell Crowe jumped out of the box!)

Happy Belated T-day of sorts. Couldn't believe how quickly that day came and went, and the fact that I baked not one pumpkin pie! The truth is that we have been eating pumpkin pie off and on for the past month since someone was always picking one up from Costco!

My suitcases are bulging. You know, I can't find hawaiian black salt here but I do have the red alae salt! As for the sunshine...I hear it's supposed to be snowing when I arrive next week Wednesday so I'm geared for some winter hikes with the MotH and the pups.

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