24 June 2008

Porcini follow up

No Fabrizio wouldn't relent on the publishing of his calender photo, although I think he secretly wants me to do so, but alas, I will leave it to your imagination. Here however are a couple of photos of what I did make the night of the giant mushroom find. When ever we are having guests for dinner I don't always get to making a formal photo of everything, or am in such a hurry to not hold everyone up, that I don't always get a good shot.

Porcini Fritti
Probably the most preferred way f eating large Porcini in this part of the world is plain old lightly bread crumb coated porcini steaks and pan fried in olive oil and served immediately.
That's what we did with these but we gobbled them down so quick that there wasn't a trace of them except for the ones we put in the freezer.

Then we took some ore of this big boy and sauteed him up to make for a filling for our chicken thighs that we had partially deboned , leaving the bone in as kid of a swan's neck. We stuffed our mushrooms in with some fresh herbs, like oregano, parsley, sage and rosemary. Trussed them up , browned them off, before baking them off. We serve them on some fresh green beans, a drizzle of pan juices, and balsamic vinegar reduction to finish off the plate.

It didn't take long to finish it all off. Last night I made some more mushroom treats with some mushrooms found by Fabrizio's mother and made a simple saute of the mushrooms with shallots, fresh porcini and regular to have a bigger impact of mushrooms for the four of us. Sauteed them all up with olive oil and a bit of butter and white wine, before tossing with my home made tajarin pasta and a sprinkle of fresh parsley and fresh grated parmigiana . It disappeared quickly and of course without a trace.
Coming soon, my interview with our summer intern, Rachel, from Colorado, working as a stage/apprentice, just down the road a piece from us. Maybe I can get her to share some of her secrets she's learning over at Maison Verte.


Anonymous said...

That involtini looks incredible!

african vanielje said...

Pasta, chicken thioghs and all those gorgeous mushrooms. Yum! Yum ! and YUM!

Lori Lynn said...

Oh, I love the swan neck chicken idea.

Jealous of your giant mushroom find. Sigh.

Proud Italian Cook said...

What a fantastic line up here, one after another, everything looks absolutely mouth watering!

Anonymous said...

Makes me long for those autumn days on the Oregon Coast when the suede-brown caps of the boletes seem to purposefully place themselves in my path and - subsequently - into my frying pan...


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