08 March 2008

International Women's Day or Festa della Donna

March 8th is a day that gets a lot of attention here in Italy although it isn't even on the radar in America. I have to admit I'm not particularly fussed about it as it is yet another great marketing tool to get you to buy something to show that you care. It is rather sweet though I must say. I spotted this cake last week when I was in Torino as a build up for this weeks festa and couldn't resist taking a photo as it is so very typically Italian flavored. Do note the detail.

I found today when we did our market shopping that there were men everywhere on the street corners trying to sell little sprigs of mimosa to anyone who needed to make sure that they were thinking of that special woman in their life. As I have said in a couple of previous posts, International Women's day is not unlike Valentines or secretary's day as far as the commercial hype. I guess you could add mother's day in there as well, but it isn't without it's charms. The market today was full of folks getting the usual bargains and pawing through the latest table of bargains just waiting for someone to love them enough to take them home and bright with yellow boughs everywhere, mostly from peoples' yards, harvested and brought in to sell or give away. I found myself a recipient to a couple of bouquets also. I must admit when I purchased the last fresh basket of ricotta from one of my favorite cheese makers(and there are several favorites) along with an aged, slightly sharp Toma to accompany it home with me, and his teenage son stepped from behind the counter to hand me my purchase, he handed me a couple of lovely sprigs of brilliant yellow mimosa with a flourish. I was charmed. When the owner of our natural food store made sure I didn't forget to take along a perky potted purple viola, that I had been eyeing out of the corner of my eye, I was also very touched at the kind gesture. Now, I think it will be my new tradition to go shopping at the market on March 8th, because the festive spring flowers bring a smile to my face and a feeling that spring is just around the corner and that thoughtful gestures in life really do make all the difference sometimes.
I like to always keep that in mind.

Fabrizio's cousins' picture of the Mimosa out by the mouth of our valley that are always spectacular every year.

Happy Mimosa Day to all of You Too!


Rowena said...

And a Happy Belated Mimosa day to you Pasticcera! A few days pre-Festa della Donna, the MotH asked what I would like to do for the day and I said that I would like to eat fish. So he proceeds to ask where I'd like to go out for dinner and I told him, "What?! I wanna cook it myself! That means we need to go shopping on Friday night, after you get home from work." -- He couldn't have asked for a more easy-to-please wife. Flowers? Oh I got those last week when I plunked the potted mimosa tree into the shopping cart.

I know, I can be such a wretched little thing. Have a good week! ;-)

Anonymous said...

What really beautiful photos!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

I think it's a rather fun celebration myself...hope you had a lovely day :)

Rowena said...

Regarding your comment: Mr MotH is a shrewd business man! :lol: Mr MotH is a milane$e, for whatever that's worth. I hope I don't get in trouble for saying that...

Bella Baita Marla said...

Rowena, you make me laugh out loud a lot!! I was wondering when I read about your newly planted mimosa tree if it had anything to do with Festa della Donna..
Thanks Ann and yes Michelle I do think it is a rather fun celebration as well.
I like the Milane$e spelling...LOL.

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