01 January 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

Buon Anno from our house to yours

We had a wonderful evening with guests last night. Some are still sleeping and others are out enjoying the sun and the snow. We're still tidying up and divying up the leftovers with Fabrizio's parents like they do after one of their big dinners. I have included some pictures of our "disco" that is going thru a bit of a transformation this year. Fabrizio is embarking on a big remodeling job this winter as I stay busy with all of my usual big ideas and limited skills, but then that's art of the challenge to show myself I can do this too, even when I don't have a clue. My web site and blog are living proof, this old dog is learning some new tricks still and many more to keep working on in the new year.

This past year has been a wonderful experience laden endeavor. We went to Colorado for part of the winter last year, teaching cooking classes in private homes and through the continuing ed department that I use to teach through oh so many years ago. We renewed old friendships and made a lot of new ones along the way. I challenged myself last year to a few culinary challenges that I think 3 of them are rolling over to the new year to accomplish this year, Sardinian ravioli, scary flat fish, and carnival cookies. I don't think I need to add too many new things to that challenge, but I do have a few ideas of things I want to try this year, especially when I browse around what's cooking on other people's sites.
We had so many interesting visitors this year. I've come in contact with so many creative and talented people through the blogosphere. I have been inspired by the imaginative and creative people that share so generously over the internet. I have also found great support and friendship by the many kind and wonderful comments on my posts. I am really grateful for those comments, as I am a bit off the beaten path and the internet has not only brought people physically to our doorstep, but also through our cable. What a wonderful way to discover the world, that use to be reserved to books and travel when one could afford it. Now the entire wide world is a few mouse clicks away.
Through our guests requests and interests we have met so many fascinating people, working on their piece of the patchwork that we call Italian culture and gastronomy here in Piemonte. I love all the twists and turns our business keeps taking, and all the different people that our paths cross with. I am truly grateful and inspired to keep the spirit of discovery alive and well. Thanks for joining the journey and being a part of the inspiration.

Tanti Auguri!!!


Christian said...

Buon anno anche a te, grazie .

rowena said...

Fabulous post Maryann! I was thinking of what will be our main projects this year and it will definitely be the garden in the back! But for now, I'm just anxious to get out and do more snow hikes. We're finally getting some cover here. :-)

african vanielje said...

Maryann, it's lovely to look forward to the New Year with such positive energy. You are an inspiration, and one which I intend to follow just as soon as I stop sniffing, sneezing and generally feeling sorry for myself. Despite the fact that it looks oh so cold, I envy you the snow! I am just off to try my hand at something Italian, spinach and ricotta dumplings. So much more yummy and so much less time consuming than they sound. Happy New Year! May it bring you all the peace and prosperity you wish!

Pasticcera said...

Thanks for the comments. Just to get everyone back on track, this is Marla not Maryann, close, but I guess I have confused everyone with using my pasticcera name. Oh well...glad you all stopped by....

Joshua P.G. Lane said...


Nuovo Anno Felice!!

I hope you guys have a great 08! Hopefully, I'll get the chance to stop by the Bella Baita Inn some time this year. It sounds wonderful.

I look forward to another year of enjoying the Bella Baita View!


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