16 January 2008

Cappuccino Break at Cafe Stazione

I just can't seem to get the post that I've been working on done, so I'll just settle for a nice cappuccino break. We enjoyed this charming cup at Cafe Stazione in Pinerolo. This historical cafe greets you when you step out of the Pinerolo train station and walk across the street. We stopped in yesterday after shopping in the market for a warming break in a friendly atmosphere. I purchased some Alessandro's fresh roasted Ethiopian coffee for enjoying at home. I'm going to do a full on review of his little cafe one of these days when the civic park surrounding him is green again, as his place is well worth dropping in.


Ann said...

You know these cappuccino breaks make me really seriously want to be there. :-)

rowena said...

These "bars" are one of the things that I consider as perks of living in Italy. Standing at the counter or sitting down, it doesn't matter, only that you can always count on finding a place without having to empty your wallet like Starb****!

Bellini Valli said...

There is nothing like sitting in a little coffee shop and watching the world pass you by!!

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