02 November 2007

Unknown Fruit, Italian Aubergine? No try Calabrian Zucchini

Hello out there. I purchased this in the market the other day out of curiosity. I hadn't really seen one of these before and was intrigued. When I inquired about it I was told that is was a aubergine. Hmmm? And when I asked how to prepare it, I just got a shrug. I was with a group of women, whom were a whole lot less intrigued than I was and several had already wandered on , so I never really found any one to explain and naturally haven't seen it in the market since. I thought it was a chayote but when I started looking around on the internet, It does indeed look like a chayote but with prickly spines, so perhaps it is the family, but I haven't found any thing resembling this
So I am appealing to any of you out there who might know what this is and how to prepare it.

I'd be very grateful and intrigued.
Mille grazie.

Update, a couple of sources call them
Calabrian Zucchini or cucuzze spinusi or zucca centeneria.
This from Michelle of Bleeding Espresso
and originally from Rowena of Rubber Slippers in Italy


rowena said...

Hey! You've got that pokey squash from Calabria! We bought the very same thing in a little market here and the woman simply called it zucchine. She had brought it over from her hometown somewhere in Calabria, and was quite pleased to tell me how to cook it. I've posted on this a long, long time ago. Here's the link:

Prickly zucchini from Calabria

Buon appetito! However you decide to prepare it!

Pasticciera said...

Thanks for the info Rowena. The comments on your post confirmed that it is in the chayote family found in Latin America and the Philipines. Lots of good suggestions for coking them, but I'm definitely trying the wasabi mayo, sounds divine.

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