06 November 2007

Just a couple more truffle pictures

Well it does seem as if I am obsessed with truffles this year, but perhaps it's a bit more of interest to me this yer, as I have been in closer proximity to them than in years past. Usually I have have just been reading about them or watching them being featured on different programs on the TV, where as this year we actually went to one truffle festival in Montiglio.

When we were in Torino for the Salon del Vino and another Regional presentation, I found myself finally able to explore the very enticing "Eataly". " Eataly " is a large super mercato style store in an old Torino Carpano liqueur factory just across the street from the old Lingotto Fiat factory. It features a vast array of Italy's finest gastronomy, food, drink, books and places to sample them all. I'll be writing a blog on my adventure there shortly but just wanted to share some of the fabulous truffles they had in their truffle corner when I wandered through the other day. The aroma was strong and intoxicating. Wish I could convey that on this blog. Guess we're still not quite on to scratch and sniff blogging yet.

Do note the price difference in the pictures. The one above features the white one for 800 euro per kilo and the black ones directly above here to the right are 80 euro per kilo. Quite a difference eh? Now we know why you usually find the black ones in the bottom of the bottle of truffle oil(or not at all). And if you need a little something to wash them down with there's always some nice sparkling wines from Asti to go along with. Buon apettito!

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