25 August 2007

Villar Perosa hosts yet another Juventus Friendly Match

This past week our neighboring town of Villar Perosa hosted their annual Juventus friendly match between the A&B teams to the delight of the locals here. Even though the big names didn't make it as they were off to play with the national team. The match here brought an enthusiatic crowd and of course, lots of vendors selling their swag for the faithful. This tradition has been going on for quite a few years. Fabrizio was rather unsure of how long, but as long as he could remember. The Juventus team is owned by the Agnelli family, founders of FIAT. The family came from Villar Perosa and still maintains the family Villa, gardens, football field and private church where everyone is still married and buried.
During the 1980's and 90's the Juventus team use to train on the family field and stay at the Albergo Villar Perosa, that they then owned. Fabrizio worked there, for many years, in many different positions, as well as working also in his family's restaurant, rounding out his experience of working in the hospitality business. He met a lot of the team members over the years as well as the coaches and some of the Agnelli family as well. It was a thrilling time for him. When Juventus was in town there was always a lot of people around and a bit of a buzz. The friendly match is always well attended even if it traditionally rains the day of the match, and this time was no exception. We had guests that attended and they thoroughly enjoyed the match because of the great atmosphere of a game played on a small intimate field. Small town fun with a big time team.

Fabrizio with Gianni Agnelli
Juventus Villar Perosa Match 1992

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