01 May 2007

Happy May Day or Labor Day

Although May Day has been celebrated in a variety of ways as a bit of homage to spring with May pole dances and that sort of thing. May Day here in Italy is a bank holiday celebrating the common worker and an opportunity for the political parties, in particular the Communist party to have a bit of a rally. It's been a long holiday weekend with all our local second home owners, spending the weekend in their "Baitas" working in the garden, putting out the flowers, tidying up the yard with general maintenance after the winter. Our 2 local Osterias have been busy all weekend with large parties and the 1st communion luncheon season commencing, so the activity level in Serre Marchetto has gone from sleepy to buzzing. Tommorrow everyone is back to work and our tranquil little borgata goes back to sleep till the weekends again.

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Ivonne said...

Happy May 1st! Enjoy the holiday!

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