23 April 2007

April comes lately

It seems to take a bit of doing to get back in the blogging groove after a bit of time away. So to kick start me back into a groove, a wander around the neighborhood is always good for a bit of inspiration. I always love this time of year in the mountains when the snow is still up top and the valley can't wait to spread it verdant greenness everywhere. The vibrant greens are turning into the more serious dark forest greens and the progression of wildflowers are finally making their way up to our part of the hill. It's good to see what 's popping up and every day new color awaits me. These gentians caught my eye from a distance as they stood out against the hillside of green. Seems they caught the attention of this busy bee too.


Ilva said...

Lovely Genetians! I'm happy you're back blogging so keep on doing it!

Pasticciera said...

Grazie Ilva.....words to keep me blogging on!

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