04 January 2007

Another Day another Beautiful Skyline

It's still holiday here in Italy as we wait for Befana to arrive on Saturday, the epiphany. I'll have a bit more to say on the subject then, but for now I think I'll just leave you with this atmospheric sky that is our Bella Baita View today(well actually a few days ago, but it's still our daily view). I'm trying to redo my web site as well as educate myself about how to make my site better, be pulled up more often, be relevant, attract links, and on and on, so I seem to get nothing else done, so....deep breath, time for a little nature break..... Hope it soothes your spirit too.


chemcookit said...

Dear Marla,
thank you so much for your interest in my blog! I love your blog too! And I'd love SOOOO much to come visit you. Now I'm in Turin, and I'll be here till Jan 15th. It would be really cool if I could organize a trip in Val Chisone. I'll let you know if I manage to. If you want to stop by Turin during the little time I'm here I'd love to bring you to some chocolate places. Just drop a post on my blog. Otherwise, a few names for you to remember for the future are:
il Bicerin (piazza della Consolata), Baratti e Milano (Piazza Castello) and Fiorio (via Po) (this is the order of wonderfulness of the chocolate in my opinion) :) I really hope to see you :) - chemcookit aka Marta

Majka said...

Love your blog.It's the warmest and nicest blog I've ever seen.

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