22 December 2006

Last Minute Giving Idea

Down for the count till the holiday officially begins. Inundated with lots of requests for money for this or that or so many to buy for. Honestly It seems to me that a few small meaningful or useful gifts amongst the immediate family and friends is quite enough. Of course with children it's always fun to see the excitement of "children's faces looking up holding wonder like a cup...". that is of course before they get older and jaded. Sigh...
My suggestion for Christmas or any other time of the year is a great gift giving idea from some folks in Portland Oregon. They are called mercy kits from Mercy Corps and for as little as $35 you can give a struggling family a selection of seeds for a family garden or for a bit more a goat for a gift that continues to give year after year. These kits are useful and tailored to all parts of the world, the US included and embrace many ways of enabling people to help themselves. There are other gifts that you can purchase, where your recipient will receive a wreath or easter flower basket or some other lovely and thoughtful gift, where part of the purchase price goes to the many varied projects that Mercy Corps have implemented. Rebuilding kits for Katrina, children's food kits, rain forest kit, just to name a few. Book mark their site and think about a meaningful and generous gift throughout the year that will not only bless the giver and the receiver, but connects you in a way that isn't easily forgotten.
My wish for all of you is health and contentment.
"I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting."



Jann said...

The Mercy Kits are wonderful. Thank you for telling us about this. I wish more people understood there are so many struggling in the world today. It does not take much to bring a bit of sunshine into a struggling life-just the effort to help! Happy Holidays!

Pasticciera said...

Glad you found them as they are such a great way to share with others and have a positive impact!

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