13 December 2006

Italian Christmas lights... Torino style

Christmas in the city is always a magical time, " secondo mei".
As a kid growing up in rural America going to the city at Christmas time was a thrilling adventure.

For me it meant getting up at the crack of dawn, settling into the back seat of the car, sleeping till we reached the mighty Mississippi where the rural farm land slipped away as we passed over the bridge and the big city loomed large and strange. It was a mysterious and fascinating special day. We would spend the day in search of the most beautiful and lavish Christmas displays and the shortest line to tell Santa where he could find us and what we would love to see under the tree.
I still get a thrill anytime I go into to a major city especially at Christmas time. I have a fascination for the lights and store displays. Torino has that unique European flavour mixed with an exoticness that now I almost take for granted. I find myself feeling like a kid again lingering over many small details and not wanting to miss a thing!


Joshua P.G. Lane said...

Thanks for sharing the festivities from Torino! Holiday Cheers!

Pasticciera said...

Now if I only had some fried cheesecake to go with!

Lora_3 said...

Those lights are Wild!

I'm not eating the fried cheesecake. However if I drank a bottle of wine under those lights I might think I was Nostradamus! LOL

Be safe...

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