11 July 2006

World Cup Fever Frenzy

"We are the champions, we are the champions,
we are the champions...
of the world" lyrics from Queen song
Yes, indeed the world cup is over and the bragging rights have started.
It was a hard fought battle and unfortunately it came down to a penalty shoot out, but that is the way of the world cup. Somebody wins, somebody loses. Italians are estatic over this win. They say there were 40
,000 people in Torino watching the game. Seven of the starting lineup have played for Juventus and Torino was proud. When the team arrived home on Monday, they say there were over a million people out to greet the "Campioni del Mondo". It was a fine moment for the home team. It's also been a profitable year for the flag companies of italy this year between the Winter Olympics and the World Cup. I have never seen so many Italian flags flying around Italy in the the time I've been here. The national flag has been sprouting from balconies and business billboards like porcini mushrooms during a great season. It's fantastic to see everyone so upbeat.

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Claudio & Faustina said...

Totti GOL, Totti GOOOL... Ciao belli Fab & Marla1 Grazie per questo bel tributo all'Italia Campione del Mondo!!!
Baci grandi e buon lavoro!

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