16 June 2006

Hike to your hearts content

Whether you want to go up or down, we have choices for you here at Bella Baita. Recently when Rebecca came to visit we tried a little of both. We went to the top of Merla which is just behind Cucetto, which is the mountain peak in the picture with our B&B. It's always a favorite as you get some great panoramic views of of the mountains and the plains.
It didn't disappoint, but the haze of humidity was hanging on the plains so we couldn't see all the way to Torino,
but the we could see mighty Monviso( highest peak in our Cottian Alps range) and all the layers of valleys leading up to it.

Down in the Dubbione river valley we enjoyed the earthy coolness and water sounds that the thick somewhat mysterious forest sometimes offers up.

We also enjoyed the porcini mushroom steaks the forest offered up for our efforts as well. Spring isn't always the most bountiful mushroom season, but the one gigante find of the day was well worth it to us.

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