09 March 2007

Happy Festa della Donna

A Happy International Woman's Day to all of you out there of that persuasion.
In the US there is no official celebration of Women's day but Italy still remembers what women have contributed to society and life as we know it. According to my husband, Fabrizio, the celebration took off after WWII, to acknowledge the contribution and sacrifice that Italian women made working in the factories and fields such during WWII when the men were not in such plentiful supply. In our Piemonte region I saw a program one day on the women of the war era that took on the planting of the rice that is so beloved by northern Italians for our very scrumptious world famous risottos. It was an interesting and inspiring look at how women rise to the occasion when needed and asked to do what it takes to get things done and carry on. so I just thought I would add my 2 cents and say
"Here's to all the strong, inspiring women that I have known and would love to know over the years, a mimosa frond for you!"

05 March 2007

March Maddness Has begun!

The time is flying and I'm keeping my head above the water, barely! I haven't meant to abandon my blog and cyber friends and readers, but the pace is frantic and the computer connection has been trying. Our trip to Colorado has been fruitful and fun. We've been having many lovely meals with old friends and new. We have attended some milestone birthdays, weddings, Mardi Gras fun, dog sitting a sweet labradoodle wile her family went to Mexico and a bit of visiting for us with family and friends to make for a well rounded visit. We've taught a few classes in private homes and have two coming up thru the local Colorado Mountain College continuing education program, as well, so we are keeping busy.
The weather has run the gamut, from summery to downright frigid. This past week it howled all week long and has been -15 C, brrrrr!!!! I haven't forgotten how long the winter lasts up here in Summit County. Then, of course, when the sun comes out and it's sunny, warm and the skiing is easy, all the frigid pain melts away! I haven't forgotten how to do that either, just not as frequently as I once did. Powder skiing to ease the pain always mangages to do the trick. If that doesn't then some wine and pasta fills in around the edges. Our Zucca Agnolotti with our friend, Giovanni Manzone's Barolo wine to wash it down was a hit at one such gathering. A good time was had by all. More on that subject later......I'm up early tomorrow to make coffee for the folks on their way to the slopes out at Copper Mountain, so I need to turn in for now.
Buona Notte!
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