31 May 2006

Mountain Bike season in full swing

So we welcomed our intrepid UK mountain bikers and sent them off and on their way around Serre Marchetto and Cucetto with a friend of ours to rave reviews and and days of fun by all. The first day they nearly suffered from heat stroke and today they quit early as the wind and snow had taken it's toll. You can just never tell what the weather will do in the mountains. Fortunately, it's clearing up and promises to be great weather again for another few days. They've had great stories everyday and lots of laughs. It's good to have fun no matter what the weather is doing.

21 May 2006

Another Guest, Another Adventure

It's full on spring seaon in May and we find ourselves enjoying guests and sprintime flowers. If we aren't having glorious sunny weather all the time at least we are having fun. One of our last guests came for a long weekendwhich was a special reunion for them. They did a bit of hiking, getting to the top of Cucetto before the weather chased them back down. They didn't quite get that 360 panoramic view in, but they did scare 4 chamois on the path on their way up. They were all surprised. While they were here they also did the Pinerolo market tour and a bit of this and that before deciding that if the weather wouldn't cooperate, then they would just give in and do a cooking seminar. We arranged for them to have a go making fresh ricotta and "ortiche" ravioli, combined with oh- so -sweet fresh cherry tomato sauce and a few other treats to make a well balanced meal. It was good fun and the results were indeed quite scrumptious. So a good time was had by all and we didn't even mind the weather.

Thanks Jane & Jonathon!
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